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Golden Victory: Rules and Policies

Golden Victory Host Club Rules and Policies
These rules are to be followed at all times by patrons of the host club known as Golden Victory. Failure to follow these rules posted here will result in immediate disciplinary action or expulsion from the club.
  • No inappropriate or lewd touching of employees or patrons.
  • Weapons (swords, knives, guns, scythes, batons, spears, missiles, tazers, killer robots, etc) are not allowed on the premises. There is a small check area in the front hall where patrons can leave them and they will be returned when the patron departs. 
  • Overly aggressive or violent behavior will not be tolerated.
  • No alcohol will be served to anyone under the age of 18 or equivalent age of maturity in their culture.
  • There is a two drink limit for all patrons.
  • Private sessions with specific hosts can be purchased for one starfish token per fifteen minute interval. Please respect the hosts gender preferences and be mindful of your allotted time as a courtesy to the other patrons.
  • DO NOT MOLEST THE BARTENDER. (positioned as a special sign on the bar)
  • Solicitations for dates or other off the clock activity towards hosts is prohibited while hosts are working. Any such solicitations or requests are to be made off the premises.
  • Golden Victory is not responsible for actions taken by its employees when not on the premises.